Khoa Materials



GSUSA Advancement

Road To Eagle

How to Request Board of Review (BOR) NOTE: BOR is typically done at Lien Doan Meetings
1. Request BOR at least 2 weeks in advance  
2. Send email request to the following people: Pre- Board of Review
a. Tuan Truong 1. Board of Review Chair will confirm date of BOR
b. Tuan's Instructor 2. BOR Chair will coordinate with KTD Advancement
c. VP of Training Chair and Scoutmaster for time 
d. Crew President  
e. Scoutmaster- Tr Daniel Tran During Board of Review
f. KTD Advancement Chair- Tr Linh Le 1. A committee member should review the Khoa sheet
g. LDCL Board of Review Chair- TS Phong Lu and transfer the information over to the Scout
3. Once confirmation is received, send a copy Handbook
 of your Khoa sheet to TS Phong Lu and  2. Make sure to sign Khoa sheet to show completion
Tr Linh Le  of BOR
4. Be prepared. Memorize the American  3. Take a picture of the final Khoa sheet
Scout Oath and Scout Laws  
5. On day of BOR, remember to bring your  After Board of Review
Scout Handbook. Make sure the information 1. Advancement Chair- Tr Linh will update Chi Lang
has been transferred from your Khoa over.  google spreadsheet and BSA website
6. Submit your Khoa with the signature of  2. Will submit application to BSA Council and buy up
completion for your Khoa to the Advancement rank badge and certificate
Chair and your Scoutmaster 3. Bring badge and certificate to Scoutmaster to do
7. Give $3 for advancement badge.  ceremony
Eagle Scout Project Eagle Scout Application
Project Proposal Stage Review Records
Discuss proposal with advisor or mentor Obtain official Council advancement record
Complete ES work book part 1- proposal Cross reference BSA Handbook to Council record
Send proposal to Tr Hoang  Make sure merit badge dates occur after Scout rank
Obtain signatures from Beneficiary  Verify leadership position and time
and Advisor Review Eagle Scout application
Proposal Approval from District Chi Lang Eagle Review
Email Mr. Simpkin at Schedule interview with CL Eagle Review Board
(name, age, troop number, phone # , Bring ES project workbook and ES application
brief description of project) Recite Scout Oath and Laws in English
Wait 2 days, then call Mr. Simpkin Prepare to answer questions
at 714.894.7975 to be assigned advisor Obtain signature from Scoutmaster, Eagle Advisor
  Review complete Eagle Scout application
Planning Stage Collect Appraisal Confiddential Letters
ES project workbook to write detailed plans Download form from under Advancement
transportation, materials, first aid or Eagle Scout Information
food, drink, materials, tools, etc Mail appraisals directly to Mr. Jeff Campana
Work with ES project advisor Mr. Jeff Campana
Schedule project date Pacifica District Eagle Processing Chair
Get friends to help 19502 Ranch Lane #107
  Huntington Beach, CA 92648
Executing Stage Council Review
Arrange all materials to transport Call Mrs Keri Gaydos 714-552-3215 for assignment
Prepare all necessary tools Will meet with District Advancement Team member
First Aid box Eagle Scout application
Food, water, and snack Eagle Project Workbook
Camera to take plenty of pictures Boy Scout Handbook
Obtain final beneficiary signature Printout of Advancement Record from Council
Reporting Stage District Board of Review
Use ES workbook to write your project Will receive email from Mr. Jeff Campana for BOR date
Use pictures to in your report Arrive 10 minutes before BOR
Obtain final signtuare from Advisor Complete Class A uniform and MB sash
  Be prepared to answer all items worn on your uniform
  Memorize BSA Scout Oath and Laws
Eagle Scout Binder  
Front Cover 3 Ring Binder
Name Official Eagle Scout Application (in color, front/back)
Troop Number Statement of Life Purpose- requirement #6 form
Troop City Resume Questionnaire form
Troop State Service Project form
Your Phone Number Eagle Scout Project Workbook
  (optional) Typled portions of ES Workbook as reference
Inside Left Pocket Photos from ES Project
Letters of reference in sealed envelopes Additional ES Project Resources (designs, drawings, etc)
  Merit Badge Blue Cards in chronological order (placed 
Inside Right Pocket inside baseball card 3-ring sleeves
Miscellaneous (Eagle Scout Projects)